Pete’s Dalek


It’s vile, evil and unnatural, and it’s building a Dalek. Spagga tries to take over the galaxy with his own armored mobile battle transport! Tell us the tale, Spagga……

This photo shows me with the build so far. It is going to take me quite a while to complete and will probably cost me a small fortune in paints and materials. The Dalek I am building is a Genesis Dalek (from the episode “Genesis of the Daleks”). Some people are starting to refer to me as “Davros”. I’m hoping this is because of my Dalek-building and not because of some other personal attribute.

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Being a Doctor Who fan from way back and having a tendency to embark on creative projects of any kind, it was inevitable that some day I would attempt to build a life size Dalek. This isn’t the first Dalek I’ve built though, as you can see in Chilli Bob’s birthday cake photos where I made a Dalek/UK flag cake. I also used to build small paper Daleks as child which my brother used to cull when they reached a critical population. I’d like to see him try to squash my newest one!When I discovered the excellent website, I downloaded the Dalek Builders Plans. The Dalek City website also has an excellent collection of photos of Daleks built by people with detailed build diaries and photos. Check it out if you think you’d like help build the world population of these evil machine-creatures. Also check out John Darley’s website, dalek is for my own entertainment and anyone thinking of making them for profit should note that it is illegal to do so. Check out the Dalek City website for more copyright information. The Daleks are copyright 1963 BBC Worldwide and Terry Nation Estates. Check out the Dalek City website for more copyright information.

Build Diary

Select from the following diaries to see the build in progress.

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4 Responses to “Pete’s Dalek”

  1. jonathan bridge Says:

    Hi Great dalek,the the quarry scenes are very Skaro inspired,im currently working on a bare dalek shell i bought from an auction site in New zealand,im planing to to re modle it as a genesis of the dalek type,is yours the same type?.

  2. Michael Says:

    Pete – fantastic dalek! I am contemplating building my own Genesis dalek, but have to convince my wife and self that I can do it, especially since it has been a childhood dream to do so. From a fellow Brisbanite – congratulations!

  3. Brent rolfe Says:

    hi, long time dalek fancier… from brisbane and stumbled on ur site while building my dalek…”basil” named for basil fawlty due to the headaches and stern talks he’s illicited from me on more than one occasion.. would love some pointers on some dalek bits and pieces.. cheers mate
    email me,

    1. chillibob Says:


      Good to hear the DALEK army is expanding. I will pass your details on to my friend Spagga who built this Dalek. I am sure he will be happy to give youadvice. They are a bigger project than they first look.

      Have fun,

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